Puppy & Kitty

These look like good pals, right? Well apparently Baby Puppy doesn’t like Green Kitty because she doesn’t meow very loudly. This meant, of course, that Elliot didn’t like his little sister. He even used the words, “I don’t like my little sister.” When asked why, he said because Baby Puppy doesn’t like Green Kitty.

All was made better by having Green Kitty meow loudly. But then Elliot asked Audrey to “stop meowing so loudly.” A girl can’t get a break.

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  1. halimah, 12. September 2007, 3:50

    The Minion still sleeps with his stuffed friends and plays with them too. But now that he’s 10 the play centers on how Rusty the Raccoon is a death defying Ninja bent on the destruction of Blue Bunny’s evil lair.