We Could Have Named Her Ginger

Through the brilliantness of the internets & google reader I was reading this and was directed to this. Apparently the redhead gene is diluting and one scientist believes there will be no more redheads by 2100. I thought there were more redheads now than when I was a kid. Maybe hair color in a box has just gotten so good that it’s more difficult to tell? Speaking of which, while I am a natural redhead, I have to augment my natural color with something from Clairol to achieve a noticeable red. As I’ve gotten older my hair has turned more brown. Not a lovely brunette shade either. Something darker than a dishwater blond. And I think I’m being generous. But, hold on, I’ll ask the peanut gallery.

me: Peter what color is my hair?
him: red
me: what about when it’s brown?
him: it’s never been brown, it has tinges of brown

Which merely goes to show that boys don’t know their colors.

Audrey was born with so much red hair that the doctor knew she was redheaded before she came out. She gets a lot of attention for her hair. I’m hoping that since her eyebrows are red too, she’ll stay a redhead much longer in life than I did. Or maybe strawberry blond. But if her hair turns dishwater, I’ll happily don the latex-free gloves and help her retain her place among redheads.


4 smart people left their mark:

  1. halimah, 21. August 2007, 5:26

    That is a great picture! LOL! I have three friends whose children have carried on with the redhead gene…here’s to non-extinction!

  2. Oh, The Joys, 21. August 2007, 17:48

    Oh, oh, oh. That photo is the BEST! Here’s squirt in yer eye!

  3. Jen M, 22. August 2007, 20:50

    Okay, now I feel like my baby is even more special! He’s turning red with three older siblings who are blonde.

  4. Amy W, 23. August 2007, 4:37

    That is a great picture!

    And you don’t see many redheads any more…