She’s Cute, We’ll Keep Her

We’re trying to teach Audrey to solve her own problems. For example, if she doesn’t want a particular blanket in her crib when she’s going to bed – she should toss it out. Not scream and wail and carry-on about the blanket, wanting us to remove it from her crib. In that vein I sent her upstairs to get some new pjs (because she peeled off the ones I chose for her). It’s dark upstairs so I told her to get the stool from the bathroom and turn on her bedroom light. After a few minutes I hear, “too hard. can’t reach.” I look upstairs and tell her to get the stool out of the bathroom. She points to the kids’ bathroom asks if that’s the one I mean then runs into her room. She comes back out saying, “put this one back.” She was carrying the scale from my bathroom. No wonder she couldn’t reach the light switch.


As if her love of Mexican food & red hair weren’t proof enough that she’s my kid, today Audrey said “thank you” after I turned Madonna’s Holiday a little louder in the car.

2 smart people left their mark:

  1. Amy W, 16. August 2007, 9:33

    Love the name Audrey and her gorgeous red hair!

    My Audrey loves Mexican food too, just like me….

  2. Emily (Five Flowers), 22. August 2007, 22:05

    What a girl! Thank you for the visit, BTW! I love your site and your musings; I’ve heard similar things about blue eyes since it is also a recessive gene– you gotta celebrate that red!