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Elliot’s First Photostream

I’m so proud. Elliot took a handful of pictures yesterday at the coffee shop. And they’re good enough to put on flickr. It’s interesting to see what he thinks is picture worthy. Clearly he loves his sister. Well, his sister AND his drink.

coffee shop drink

Auburn Donuts

My brother-in-law is in town from Auburn where he’s a physics PhD candidate (!) and he says there’s not a donut shop in the ENTIRE TOWN. I don’t believe him. Anyone have any information on donuts in Auburn?

Float On

Modest Mouse

Do you hear that ringing noise? That low-grade buzz in the background? You don’t? Oh, it must be my ears still ringing from seeing Modest Mouse at Red Rocks last night. How was it? Two words: freakin fantastic. The music was great, but I’m also a sucker for most anyone at Red Rocks.

I really want to write about my love of Red Rocks, but I’m tired. Maybe tomorrow.

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