My Comments Are So Much Better Than My Posts

Hi. Di you find me because of this post and the lovely Susan? Let me set your expectations accordingly, so you might be more likely to come back when I’m back on my game – or when I’ve found my game. I do write witty thoughtful comments like this:

Are red shoes and clown-attire synonymous? Can one wear red patent leather in the daytime to a job that doesn’t include a pole?

But, I’ve yet to find that voice here. I think it’s coming. And I hope it is. Because my comments on other people’s site crack me up. And I want this blog to crack you up. So, don’t pass me up as pedestrian just yet.

2 smart people left their mark:

  1. Oh, The Joys, 30. August 2007, 18:06

    No apologies. Keep on writing.

  2. Joy, 7. September 2007, 12:16

    Your posts are great…they are hilarious, at times poignant (like the Hurricane Katrina one) and overall very interesting. Keep it up!