Happy 2nd Birthday Audrey

Happy birthday sweet girl. I cannot believe you are two years old. I try not to compare you to your brother, but I fail. A lot. When Elliot turned two, you were already here. So, I don’t have strong memories of what it’s like to have a two-year old. (Sorry Elliot.)

You do so many funny things. So many wonderfully cute things. Sometimes, you’ll sit on my lap and clasp my face in your hands and stare at me. Sometimes I’ll even sneak in a kiss. And then you say, “no kisses mommy.” So I raspberry you. It’s a fun game, I could play for hours.

You can talk (IMHO) quite well. You have four and five word sentences. The cadence is a little rough, but I (almost) always know what you mean. Right now you’re mimicking Elliot. Well, except for that day I said, “damnit Elliot” and you said, “damnit Elliot.” It was the first naughty word to pass my lips where kids could hear. And you repeated it perfectly. Thankfully you’ve also forgotten about it.

I say, “let’s go kid-o-potamuses,” you say, “not a potamus!”
I say, “let’s go kid-a-roos”, you say, “not roos!”
And then you scrunch up your nose and giggle.

You still run like a baby. But it’s what you have to do to keep up with your hero, Elliot.

Audrey is TWO

Audrey was a scheduled c-section. We started the day like any other. Peter took Elliot to school and then came home to get me so we could go to the hospital. The we had a baby. Then Peter picked Elliot up from school and he met his baby sister.

Here birth though, will always be tied in my mind with Hurricane Katrina.

I spent three days in the hospital watching CNN. There were few channels on the hospital network and I was glued to hurricane coverage. Peter’s family lives in AL, and at the time his younger brother was in MS. He wrote about it here and here. The news was devastating. And heartbreaking. I had to turn the TV off sometimes because I would just cry. And cry. So sad for so many people. I can remember holding Audrey extra tight in the middle of the night watching Anderson Cooper. Holding her and wondering. Wondering how this and this and this could happen.

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