Color Chosen


We’ll have to look at in the morning light to know for sure. I followed some sound advice and ventured out of the coral section of paint chips. I came home with two new options: Mermaid’s Song and Purple Gala.

blue & purple

Again, the camera doesn’t really do them justice. Here’s the blue color, the one I’m leaning toward, on another wall, same time of day.

The current thinking: paint one wall and if it’s TOO bright, paint the others the lightest color on the same card. If that’s hideous, we’ll just move. Painting over blue paint is really difficult.

Everyone prepare yourselves… I’ll want to paint the master bedroom soon. Imagine the headache that’s going to cause. If a kid’s room took 6 samples, how many will mine take? Maybe we can have a pool.

5 smart people left their mark:

  1. halimah, 30. August 2007, 5:30

    i’d go with the blue. the purple could be too dark depending on how much light her room gets. i’m going to live vicariously through you on this, cause as i said before i’ve got that stick-a-fork-in-my-eye pine paneling.

  2. Catherine, 30. August 2007, 13:18

    Get ready to live vicariously, and maybe a little dangerously.

    And, paneling can be painted. My room in the 80s had it, and my mom painted it.

  3. dana, 18. September 2007, 18:39

    check out the site you can view all colors across all the brands on your screen and they will sell you a pint size can in anycolor you want to test it out. They will also modify it for you lighter or darker by diffrent percentages at check out. They aslo have top selling lists which helps in picking out colors. anyway great topic thanks

  4. dana, 18. September 2007, 18:41

    also I would reccomend foam board for testing. You can use both sides so it reduces cast and you dont mess up your walls. but more importantly each color wil limpact the other color. For example if you have a red next to a green they will make each other look more pronounced. you want to look at color individually with foam board for a true representation. also move the foam board aorund the room in different lights.

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