A Parking Space of One’s Own

This is our two-car garage with TWO cars IN it. Well, technically three if you count the dumptruck parked precariously behind my car’s rear-tire.

In our 6+ years as happy homeowners only my car lived in the garage. But when we bought this house a short 15 months ago we noticed the garage was larger than our last. It seemed reasonable that both cars could reside in the garage. It only took 15 months to unpack everything. We also made money on the whole cleaning/organizing/unpacking deal. I returned lots of odds & ends (that I had purchased with the best of intentions) to a big-box hardware store. And there’s the stuff that was listed on Craigslist.

But I do feel a little uneasy. Like we’re in an alternate dimension. Isn’t it a little un-American to park two cars in a two-car garage?

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  1. Anne Z., 28. August 2007, 6:09

    Heh. We have a three-car garage — can’t believe I’m admitting it — and we actually have all three of our cars in it right now. It makes me feel strange. One of the cars is virtually stuck in there because the third garage is so hard to get into and out of.

    It definitely seems un-American to have a garage that’s full of cars. But I’ll be happy come wintertime.