Slippery When Wet

Growing up I didn’t have a slip & slide. But kids I knew did. And their parents weren’t daunted by the impending water bill that one afternoon of dangerous play was going to produce. I don’t have distinct memories, but I know it was fun.

The instructions on the slip & slide are pretty straight forward: run & slide. The disclaimers on the slip & slide must be meant to prevent fun. Not for kids under 5. Not for kids over 12. Not for anyone over 5′. Don’t use on concrete. Don’t use on a hill. Don’t use near traffic. Install in a clearing 10′ wide on all sides. What!? Who has so much clear yard that they have 400 ft sq to devote to a slip & slide? If I had 400 ft sq to devote to water fun, I’d have a pool with a slide. Oh wait, we do.

And, at 18′ long – you know the parents want to do it too. But those pics will never make it to the internets.

slip & slide