One Step Forward

Two steps back.

At Elliot’s request we took his training wheels off on Mother’s Day. He did great. Rode all around the cul-de-sac. And then, there was no more bike riding. He didn’t want to ride his bike. He would ride the scooter. He would ride Audrey’s trike. Finally, he volunteered that he was afraid of falling. Fair enough. Training wheels went back on, in their highest position, and he’s back to riding his bike. The training wheels hardly hit the ground, but when he stops he doesn’t fall over. Much.

I took the front rails off Audrey’s crib making it a daybed because she was climbing INTO her bed and I didn’t want her to fall. After about a week, she asked for her crib back. So, the rails went back up.

In both cases, I’m happy with the decision to revert back to how things had been. Elliot is physically able to ride his bike. But until he *knows* that he can do it, the training wheels give him the confidence to race around with the neighbor boys. And really, his problem was stopping. By the end of the summer he won’t be stopping, so he won’t be falling over. Before putting the training wheels back on I tried to convince him that if he didn’t stop, he wouldn’t fall over. He took that advice as well at Lightening McQueen took Doc’s advice that if he wanted to go left on the dirt track he should steer right. As for Audrey, she doesn’t need to be able to get out of bed on her own until she’s potty-trained. I can’t even begin to imagine the havoc that she and her brother can stir up at 4am.