Although it was never lost. So, maybe discovered.

First though, a history lesson. Audrey was a scheduled c-section and I was allowed to bring my own music for the delivery.

I’m a Sarah McLachlan fan but I don’t pull her cds out much. Most of my favorite music is in (on?) my iPod. Last weekend the family headed to the mountains and I grabbed three cds on our way out the door (you might be asking: where was the iPod? It’s in the iWhatever music player mounted in the kitchen.): Garden State soundtrack, Morphine’s The Night, and Sarah’s Mirrorball.

Today I was switching cds out and while putting away Mirrorball I found a note inside the case (if I come across a scanner, I’ll update this)

Born 8/31/05 @ 1231 pm
To track #4 “I Will Remember You”
(name withheld) CRNA

My anesthesiologist had taken the time to write that note and the put it in the cd case for all eternity. What a nice thing to do. He probably knew that I wouldn’t be able to remember what song Audrey was born to, what with that fabulous spinal he had given me and all.

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  1. Kristen, 24. July 2007, 15:14

    I LOVE THAT!!!

    How sweet is that?