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Would You Stop

This piece in the Washington Post has hit my mailbox and my blogroll a few times in the last weeks. It’s a long read, so in summation: a famous violinist plays at L’Enfant Plaza Station in Washington, D.C. and nothing happens. The musical director of the National Symphony Orchestra hypothesized that a crowd of 75 to 100 people would gather. And of those, “there might be 35 or 40 who will recognize the quality for what it is”. Joshua Bell is (apparently) world renowned, and only one person recognized him. Of the 1,097 people that passed by in the 45 minutes that Mr. Bell played a few stopped, some threw in change but few realized what genius they had in their presence. A kid that went by was very interested, but his mom hurried him to school.

I think Audrey would want to stop and listen (and maybe dance). Would I let her stop? I hope so. But, honestly, if I was trying to keep a schedule I would go on my way, not noticing. I’d probably even be a little annoyed that Audrey dallied. But that’s what this career change is about: more time to stop and smell the roses.

Would you stop and listen?

A Ride in the Dumptruck

Happy Anniversary

This blog turned one year old on Friday. Must be time for a new theme…