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Santa Update

One night recently Elliot was having a sucker after eating a great dinner. It was something we found in the pantry, left over from Christmas.  The sucker had Santa’s head on it.  We talked about Santa, how we didn’t see Santa this year and maybe when Elliot is four, he’ll talk to Santa.  Elliot declared he did not like Santa and would not talk to him when he’s four, or any other age. As it turns out, Elliot wanted a clock for his room from Santa. Santa brought him a Hot Wheels transporter. Elliot is holding a grudge. Now really, this is all my fault. In early November Elliot saw clocks at Target. He said he would like one. I suggested he ask Santa for one. He said he would just tell the Target guy (aka the cashier) since that’s who gives us stuff.

I forgot Elliot wanted a clock and instead attributed a truck to Santa. Now, poor Santa is getting a bad rap. I tried to explain to Elliot that since he didn’t tell Santa that he wanted a clock he shouldn’t be mad that Santa didn’t bring him a clock. That was trumped with, “But Santa knows stuff.”

Pig Tails

pig tails