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Ring Leader

Two days ago I picked Elliot and Audrey up at daycare, usually I’m the drop-off parent and Peter is the pick-up parent. Our daycare provider pulls me aside and says that she’s having name calling issues. Elliot is calling another kid “baby”. We talk about how’s it probably the influence of another three-year-old, but we’ll work on it at home too. She also said that Audrey was taunted by other kids with her own blankie. Apparently, some of the boys steal her blanket and then play a version of keep away.

In the car I talk to Elliot about helping Audrey. That she’s our baby and he needs to help take care of her. That he shouldn’t let other kids steal her blanket. He tells me, “I willn’t.” I ask him what he can do when someone steals her blanket, he replied, “I will shout STOP!” (insert “stop in the name of love” gesture here).

Yesterday I get an email from daycare. Audrey’s blanket was stolen again. And the ring leader? Elliot.

2006, a hyperlinked recap

A lot happened in 2006. Peter got a new job. And then another new job. We sold our orange house and bought a new one. I chopped off my hair and got a new job. Elliot learned to peddle a bike and played soccer. Audrey learned to sit, stand, crawl and walk! Audrey had a birthday party and a few weeks later, Elliot had one too. Family (Joshua, mom & dad, Joshua) came to visit us. We visited Colorado Springs, Portland and Mobile.

Lots of friends moved: the Weddles, the Smeets and Morgan & Amy took their kids to NJ. We miss you all. Don’t worry, we have friends that stayed in Colorado too.

And, we got a trampoline.

A good year, all in all. Here’s looking forward to 2007!