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Elliot, on why nothing was happening even though he was sitting on the toilet:

“The poops must be sleeping.”

Oh. Okay.

Why I Love Working Downtown

Because I get to walk to interesting places. My last job was in a soul sucking business park.

Today, it was 75 degrees outside. Yes. That’s right. Seventy-five degrees. As in the average temperature for Denver in May or September. But it is November. YAY global warming, or Chinooks. Whichever. Whatever. Anyway, I took two walks today – in addition to my obligatory walk from the bus to the office and back again. In the morning I went to go get coffee. In the afternoon I went to the bookstore looking for a very particular SQL Server book that they didn’t have in stock. But I digress.

Both times it was beautiful out. Warm. But not too warm. Sunny. But not too sunny. A perfect day to be outside. I didn’t have my camera with me today, so you’ll have to trust me that it was great. Maybe other people’s pictures of Denver will convince you.