Week One, Recap

Monday: Installed Firefox and YM, all set to work.
Tuesday: Built secondary test environment and created new database naming convention.
Wednesday: Deleted data from production. On purpose.
Thursday: Released data changes into production system.
Friday: Brought in kids’ pictures and water bottle.
It’s like I’ve been here for years.

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  1. Laura, 10. October 2006, 16:39

    The dog killing database architect brought a smile to my grimace cemented face. But that’s only because I’m here. In hell. AKA Wireone Communications.

    I took the test for the city and county job yesterday. It was so easy it was almost scary that people had to be given these tests to “weed” them out. I’m hoping I’ll advance to the next step. I just don’t know how long it will take. Keep your fingers crossed. Maybe in a couple weeks or so we could meet up and take the traumatized dog with us to lunch!