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No Crayons

A few days ago I put my full pen mug in my bag to bring it to work. Elliot asked me about it and I told him I was taking my pens and pencils to work. He said, “oh and you can use your crayons too.” I told him that I didn’t have crayons at work. He replied with, “oh” and a look that said, “Poor mommy.”

Week One, Recap

Monday: Installed Firefox and YM, all set to work.
Tuesday: Built secondary test environment and created new database naming convention.
Wednesday: Deleted data from production. On purpose.
Thursday: Released data changes into production system.
Friday: Brought in kids’ pictures and water bottle.
It’s like I’ve been here for years.

New Bikes

Elliot has been asking for a two-wheeler since we moved to the new house. Mason outgrew his, and now Elliot is the proud owner of a blue and green two-wheeler with training wheels. Elliot’s trike was handed down to Audrey. Both kids are happy beyond belief.



Thanks Mason!


When I started at my last job, my biggest fear was truncating a production table. Why? Well, I had done it at the job prior to that. It’s not why I left, but it scarred me.

My fear here is that I’ll get my boss’s dog run over. I took her for a walk. I needed a break and she looked like she could use some fresh air too. As we were waiting to cross the street and a bus zoomed by it occurred to me that this could be the end of my career. Dog killing database architect is not a title I need.