Williams Family Vacation, 2006

We took our first vacation since Audrey was born over Labor Day weekend. We spent three days in Colorado Springs being good tourists and consumers. On the first day we went to Cave of the Winds and rode the Royal Gorge Train. The second day we went to Garden of the Gods, took a nap and attended the Balloon Festival Glow. On the third, and final, day we went to a dinosaur museum and took a drive through the mountains.

The kids were great. They were as well behaved as we could expect for such a big change. It’s difficult to express what a wonderful time we had. Breakfast was great fun because there was so much to choose from; you want yogurt AND waffles? Okay. You want yogurt AND cereal? Okay. Elliot couldn’t believe his luck. Cave of the Winds was fun, but not being allowed to run/jump/touch made it a little boring to the preschool set. The train ride was fun, no one had to be put in time out. Climbing rocks was fun, no one got hurt (although Elliot did take a digger while running and chipped a tooth). We all got lots of sleep, but that’s what happens when everyone sleeps in the same room and half the residents have an 8pm bedtime.

Even George had a good weekend. Not only was he not being chased by two fast moving humans that LOVE him, he was living large at the Cheshire Cat Hospital. Never has he come from from being boarded looking so… relaxed.

Don’t believe me about the fun? Of course, I have proof. Peter posted about it too.