Thanks for the Memories

Tomorrow is my last day at Wire One Communications, formerly V-Span, formerly Peer Digital, formerly 1800-Video-On. (Our Senior VP just reminded me that our URI was, blech.) I’ve accepted a position at InComm beginning Monday, October 2. For those of you temporally challenged, I’m taking two days off between jobs.

I’ve been here, well not really here because we’ve moved buildings, for nearly six years. I’ve done this longer than any other one thing in my life. I got married while working here, bought a house, had kids, bought another house. I’ve also made some wonderful friends.

And that’s what I will miss the most. These smart, smart people.

I started at 1800-Video-On as a Junior Database Administrator. I’m leaving as a Database Architect, walking into a Senior DBA position. When I resigned my manager said the best thing you can do for your staff is to make them good enough that they can go on to other things. The people here have done that for me. They’ve all made me better at what I do. I can’t imagine working with a more talented group of developers and systems people. But it’s time for me to go.

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