Happy Birthday Elliot

Elliot is three today. Three years ago right now I was in a hospital room, happily enjoying an epidural. Many hours later the decision to have a c-section was made and Elliot was born at 10:31 PM. He was perfect.

new Elliot

Now he’s a kid. Not just any kid, a big kid – or so he tells me. He plays soccer, has friends, has sleep-overs. He’s a great big brother. He’s great all the way around. And so much fun. I used to think that 15-months was my favorite age, but three-years-old is fun! And opinionated. And non-stop.

Elliot Birthday

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  1. Finn's Mommy, 22. September 2006, 11:19

    Thanks for being such a good friend to Finn!

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