Eleven-month bear-compare

Audrey eleven-months

Sadly, this is how Audrey has looked for the last few weeks. She’s teething and is very unhappy about it. She’s also cruising, crawling with her tummy off the floor and chatting.

Her favorite toys are either those she can shove in her mouth or those that Elliot is playing with. If he had it, it must be wonderful! She pushes her bike around the house and yard and happily lets Elliot push her on it.

Audrey is doing so many new little things: she took the comb from my hand after a bath the other night and rubbed it on her head, not exactly right but the right idea; she’s trying to eat with a spoon; she’s taken a new interest in books and toys. She can climb the stairs! I think we made Elliot learn to come down them before he was allowed to go up – but she suffers from 2nd baby syndrome, so we’re less rule oriented. There’s something to ponder… we did what we did with Elliot for a reason. We don’t do it with Audrey. Is it because we were overly cautious with him? Or do we not have the energy this time around? I think the answer is somewhere in the middle.

When Audrey’s not sad and trying to shove her entire fist in her mouth, she’s a lot of fun. So interactive! Peek-a-boo is a favorite, expecially if Elliot is the other player. She likes George and says, “KAH” everytime she sees him. She also says something that sounds vaguely like “water.” “Hi” and “bye” are sensible but are obvious if she’s waving.