Audrey Turned One

Audrey’s no longer a baby.

If you ask Elliot, she’s a big girl now. She’s grown. Not as grown as him, but grown nonetheless.

We had a little bit of cake and presents for her tonight. She already had a party. Elliot gave her a little monkey toy that she liked fine until she saw her present from Uncle Joshua. A dolly stroller. All for her. Or at least whenever Elliot will let her play with it.
Audrey twelve-month bear-compare

She has just the two bottom teeth. And she’s not walking… yet. We think she’ll walk within the month. A friend likened her to a Capuchin monkey. She likes to put her head on your shoulder while you’re holding her. Which is never often enough, in her opinion. Elliot is still the light of her life. His is the only name worth trying to say. Well, his and George’s.

We’ve taken a lot of pictures of Audrey in the last year (I suppose if I tagged, I would know exactly how many). But here’s the first:

Newborn Audrey Thumb