Elliot Takes a Walkabout

Sunday we joined some friends at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science. We hadn’t previously taken Elliot because I assumed he wouldn’t like it, that he’d be too young for most of the exhibits. But he enjoyed the animal dioramas and the dinosuar bones. We stopped in the atrium to eat lunch. After lunch Peter was holding Audrey and I bent down to put something in the stroller. And then Elliot was gone. HE. WAS. GONE. Friend Scott went one way, I went another and Peter remained at our table. I made it to the main entrance hall of the museum and Elliot was no where to be seen. I wouldn’t have been able to find anyone in that crowd, much less a 3-foot tall someone. My heart raced. I couldn’t breathe. I could feel the panic well up inside me. I turned to look for Peter, for some direction, for a voice to call to Elliot. And there was Elliot, with his daddy. He had taken himself on a little tour through the atrium; turns out he wasn’t far from us, he could see us we just couldn’t see him. And he couldn’t hear us call for him – too much ambient noise.

I’ve never felt such sheer terror in my life.