Dear Gentle Reader,

I have a gripe for you. You are familiar with Craigslist, yes? In case you’re not, it’s an online classifieds site. (And if you’re not, have you been under a rock?) Some of our household goods have found their way to craigslist: a dining table that didn’t fit our needs when baby #2 was on her way, the washer and dryer that came with our house, a stroller… you get the picture. But I feel I need to clear something up for people wanting to buy my things: I AM NOT A DEPARTMENT STORE. The washer & dryer work great to the best of my knowledge and for the measly pittance of coin that I asked for in exchange you should take them and run. Sure, I’ll write you a receipt, but for what? You’re not returning them to me. That baby gate? Well the posting described the width. AND there was a link to the manufacturer’s website with exact dimensions. Please don’t come to my house and then ask if you may return it if it doesn’t fit. No, you may not. Sure – you can go home and measure your space and call me. But I do think it would have been more efficient to measure before responding to my ad.

When I was new to craigslist I would see ads that contained information like, “no returns”, “don’t ask me to hold this and then don’t show up.” And I thought to myself that the poster must have marginal social skills. Of course, people knew this is the equivalent of a garage sale. Buyer beware and all that. Apparently not. Those posters were merely seasoned.

Going forward, my posts should say:
“I am not a department store. You are purchasing items from an online classified posting. There are no receipts to be given, no returns to be made. Of course, if something is not what I claim it to be I’ll return your money. But the items I post are exactly what I explain them to be. If you are someone that likes to buy, try and return then I suggest you visit your local big box store.”

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