Ten-month bear-compare

Audrey is ten months old today.

ten-month bear-compare

She has one tooth, on the bottom left. She’s cruising. She still army crawls, but at break-neck speed. Elliot is still the light of her life. He shares his cars with her, and she’s so grateful. In return she tries to share her sippy cup and toys. He’s learned to say, “No thank you Audrey.” Which is much better than, “AUUUUUDRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” She’s such a happy, content baby – we totally lucked out. I’m sure that we’ve used up all our easy baby karma now.

Audrey had ear tubes put in last week. She had an ear infection at her nine-month check-up. The following week she had an appointment with an ENT doc, her ears were clear then. Since she had a history of documented ear infections we were given the choice to have ear tubes put in. Three days later when they did the surgery, she had an ear infection. So, it’s a good thing we chose to have the tubes put in. Elliot has tubes. And Peter can remember having painful ear infections well into grammer school.