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Ten-month bear-compare

Audrey is ten months old today.

ten-month bear-compare

She has one tooth, on the bottom left. She’s cruising. She still army crawls, but at break-neck speed. Elliot is still the light of her life. He shares his cars with her, and she’s so grateful. In return she tries to share her sippy cup and toys. He’s learned to say, “No thank you Audrey.” Which is much better than, “AUUUUUDRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” She’s such a happy, content baby – we totally lucked out. I’m sure that we’ve used up all our easy baby karma now. Read more »

Bike Trailer

Bike Trailer

We’ve talked about getting a bike trailer from some time now. I finally bit the bullet yesterday and bought a trailer and a helmet for Audrey (Elliot already had one). The trailer came assembled, so we were able to try it out right away. Elliot loved it. Audrey held on for dear life.


Here’s something for the kids to talk about in therapy when they’re older: how their mommy dressed them alike. Repeatedly.

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