Smells Like Teen Spirit

At least it doesn’t smell like trash, according to Elliot.

Elliot doesn’t know how to smell things. Supposedly it’s a skill babies learn early on, Elliot never did. When he smells something he blows on it. He makes all the faces and sounds that go with smelling: a smile and “ooooh” for flowers, a scrunchy face for everything else. He has always blown when we told him to smell something.

So, Saturday as Peter was putting organizers in each of the kids’ closets Elliot rummaged through the debris. I told him something was trash. He picked it up, blew on it and said, “It doesn’t smell like trash.” It was metal, it shouldn’t smell like anything. But he was adament. And to prove his point he blew on each metal piece, to ensure that none of them smelled like trash.