A Life in Graphs

We have great friends, we’re very fortunate. Wonderful friends with cute kids. In fact, as you can see from the graph below, most of our friends have kids.

Kid graph

Last weekend, two little boys came to play with Audrey. Generally, they all played near one another nicely. But each boy did think that Audrey’s hair was pretty and tried to keep some of it for themselves.

Audrey & Finn

Audrey, Finn & Jake

It was a fun day. And we’re so, so grateful for our friends.

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  1. Gary, 1. June 2006, 10:12

    Power the purple category! Fight the power!

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    [...] Lots of friends moved: the Weddles, the Smeets and Morgan & Amy took thier kids to NJ. We miss you all. Don’t worry, we have friends that stayed in Colorado too. [...]