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Nine-month bear-compare

Audrey is nine-months old today.

Audrey nine-month bear-compare

She’s still arming crawling. But she’s also pushing herself up into a standing position. She hasn’t taken any steps, or shown much interest in walking – and that’s just fine. She’s just a really good baby. Elliot loves her more every day and plays with her often. He does his best to share his favorite toys and has stopped curtailed his ripping of toys from her hands.

Smells Like Teen Spirit

At least it doesn’t smell like trash, according to Elliot.

Elliot doesn’t know how to smell things. Supposedly it’s a skill babies learn early on, Elliot never did. When he smells something he blows on it. He makes all the faces and sounds that go with smelling: a smile and “ooooh” for flowers, a scrunchy face for everything else. He has always blown when we told him to smell something.

So, Saturday as Peter was putting organizers in each of the kids’ closets Elliot rummaged through the debris. I told him something was trash. He picked it up, blew on it and said, “It doesn’t smell like trash.” It was metal, it shouldn’t smell like anything. But he was adament. And to prove his point he blew on each metal piece, to ensure that none of them smelled like trash.

A Life in Graphs

We have great friends, we’re very fortunate. Wonderful friends with cute kids. In fact, as you can see from the graph below, most of our friends have kids.

Kid graph

Last weekend, two little boys came to play with Audrey. Generally, they all played near one another nicely. But each boy did think that Audrey’s hair was pretty and tried to keep some of it for themselves.

Audrey & Finn

Audrey, Finn & Jake

It was a fun day. And we’re so, so grateful for our friends.

Look Ma, Hands!


Audrey Waving

Take Your Dog to Work Day

This is Baby Puppy using my computer at work.

Baby Puppy

This morning Elliot decided Baby Puppy should come to work with me instead of going to daycare. I tried to get out of the house without the dog, but I was caught. Luckily I was quick on my feet and acted as though I had forgotten and was very relieved that Elliot remembered. Then I was going to leave him in the car. But I had my camera today, so I decided to take photographic proof for Elliot that Baby Puppy had indeed come to work with me.

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there (especially mine and Peter’s).
Mother's Day

I have great kids. Somehow, they managed to get on the internets and order a pair of sandals for me. They also took me out for lunch at an Indian restaurant. Elliot was excited to go, we even ran into an old school pal, Kartik, put he barely touched the food given to him. Who doesn’t like Naan, vegetable pakora and gajar ka halwa? It’s not like I loaded his plate with dal and saag.

I think my kids’ dad had something to do with my great day – thanks Peter! Did I mention I got to sleep-in too?


Bag of bolts from hardware store: 80 cents
Bag of washers from hardware store: 65 cents
Elliot’s joy from a fixed bike: priceless

Elliot on bike

Play Ball!

Robert & Becky came to dinner last night. I told Elliot that Robert would be happy to play baseball with him (aside: when Elliot got the ball & bat, he called it a “baseball suit” instead of “set”. It took a lot of convincing that it wasn’t a suit at all). Thankfully, Robert delivered.


We’re moving tomorrow. At best guess less than 25% of our stuff is packed. This isn’t going to be pretty.

Amy & Morgan are moving to NJ. Morgan got an awesome job there. We’re excited for them and their new adventure, but I’m bummed. And Elliot has no idea that his friend Mason won’t be around much longer.

Robert & Becky are moving too.

Puzzle Floor

We closed on the new house only 72 hours ago and already we’re planning what we’re going to change. I saw this on TV, and Elliot might *need* it in his room.