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Good Times for the Williams Clan

Elliot is getting ear tubes tomorrow. He has had chronic ear infections and it’s finally to the point where the tubes are needed. We’re actually relieved. While visiting the ENT we decided to visit the audiologist too (we were there and all). Elliot’s hearing is intact and he’s “advanced for his age.” (What mother doesn’t love hearing that?)

We just countered an offer made on our current house. If you read Peter’s blog, which you most likely do if you’re reading this, you know our house is on the market and that we’ve been house shopping. Tomorrow is the inspection on the home we’d like to buy. We have high hopes for this house. We’ve met the owners and they seem like the sort of people that took care of their home and didn’t do any creative rewiring. Also, the lady of the house gave Elliot jelly beans. So, she’s a winner in his book.

Easter Bunny

On Sunday we took the kids to have their picture taken with the mall Easter Bunny. Before taking a nap, Elliot and I talked about it and he was very excited. It was the first thing he talked about when he woke up too. So, we dressed the kids in coordinating (but not matching) clothes and piled into the car.

All the way to the mall Elliot talked about seeing the Easter Bunny, talking to the Easter Bunny, having his picture taken with the Easter Bunny. And then we saw the Easter Bunny. He almost burst into tears.

But Audrey took a cute picture.

Life’s Little Pleasures

Curious George

This post isn’t about our cat.

I took Elliot to see his first move in the theatre on Saturday. He enjoyed “the brown monkey movie” reasonably well. He laughed at the appropriate times and asked to go home when it was boring. Since the movie has been out for some time now, there were only a handful of families in the theatre. All with toddlers.

We saw a trailer for The Wild, which looks oddly like Elliot’s favorite zoo movie. Thankfully, we didn’t see a trailer for Cars. Elliot already asks to watch it and he’s only seen a commerical on TV.

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