For whatever reason, Elliot won’t sing along at home. He sings at school. But nary a note will part his lips at home. Unless he’s making up his own song. I asked him to sing a song to Puppy (his stuffed dog), and he said in the most wonderful sing-song voice, “Puppy where are you? Puppy doggy where are you?”

When talking to his sister, Elliot employs girlfriend voice. We don’t know why. But it’s cute. Audrey likes it too.

He’s just so painfully cute… it’s what gets us through the trying times.

I brushed his hair and he delcared, “me have nice hair!”

While putting him to bed, he grabbed my necklace and whispered, “have mama’s heart.” Little did he know how right he is. But I think he meant that he had my heart necklace.

We were on our way out to eat when he stopped and ran back inside jabbering about “bood! bood!” He went to the pantry and looked through the baby food jars to find one that Puppy might enjoy. Thankfully, Puppy likes whatever I’m eating so we didn’t have to bring baby food for him too.

Tonight we built a bed for Puppy from one of our many boxes. Last I checked Puppy was in the box wrapped in a receiving blanket next to Elliot in his bed. Or, more exactly, the corner of the cardboard box is right next to Elliot’s sleeping brow.