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Everything but the Kitchen Sink

We closed on our new house Friday. It was completely uneventful, and a wee bit anti-climatic. The bank teller didn’t blink when we got our cashier’s check for the down payment, everyone was on time (early even) and the title company had good coffee. For two weeks, we’re the happy homeowner’s of two dwellings. That was mostly by design. With two kids and two jobs I couldn’t wrap my brain around moving in a single weekend. The movers will be here Friday, or at least that’s the plan.

Audrey is eight-months old today. Every month we take her picture next to the same teddy bear so we can chart her growth. We did it with Elliot too. They grow so fast. Audrey waves now (not reliably) and claps (but not on demand). Her pincer grip (as opposed to the whole hand pickup) is improving. She’s sleeping better too. It’s all coming together. Her love of Elliot hasn’t changed though. He can still make her laugh no matter how upset she is.

Peter starts a new job on May 8.

Elliot leaves his preschool and joins Audrey at her daycare tomorrow. Her daycare was his daycare when he was younger. Then, when he was fifteen-months old we moved him to a preschool. We’re moving him back because a) it’ll be more convenient to have them at the same place and b) I’ve had to have too many conversations with the teachers and the director about what I think are common sense issues. It was also troubling to wach the turn-over. Our favorite one-year old teacher left just as Elliot moved into the two-year old room (last August). She still hasn’t been replaced. I couldn’t fathom putting Audrey into a situtation where to care-giver(s) weren’t consistent.


I don’t want to jinx us, but we might be leaving the time of our lives that I like to refer to as, “Mac & cheese for every meal please” era. Elliot ate take-out Chinese Monday night, with chopsticks! He had fried rice, Chow Mein, Sweet & Sour Chicken and Teriyaki Beef. Now, if he would just eat a sandwich…

cheater chopsticks


For whatever reason, Elliot won’t sing along at home. He sings at school. But nary a note will part his lips at home. Unless he’s making up his own song. I asked him to sing a song to Puppy (his stuffed dog), and he said in the most wonderful sing-song voice, “Puppy where are you? Puppy doggy where are you?”

When talking to his sister, Elliot employs girlfriend voice. We don’t know why. But it’s cute. Audrey likes it too.

He’s just so painfully cute… it’s what gets us through the trying times.

I brushed his hair and he delcared, “me have nice hair!”

While putting him to bed, he grabbed my necklace and whispered, “have mama’s heart.” Little did he know how right he is. But I think he meant that he had my heart necklace.

We were on our way out to eat when he stopped and ran back inside jabbering about “bood! bood!” He went to the pantry and looked through the baby food jars to find one that Puppy might enjoy. Thankfully, Puppy likes whatever I’m eating so we didn’t have to bring baby food for him too.

Tonight we built a bed for Puppy from one of our many boxes. Last I checked Puppy was in the box wrapped in a receiving blanket next to Elliot in his bed. Or, more exactly, the corner of the cardboard box is right next to Elliot’s sleeping brow.


Weeping Peach Tree

These are the first two blooms on our weeping peach tree in the backyard. I’m a little sad this is the last spring I’ll get to enjoy this pretty pink tree.

I Speak Mozilla

All names have been removed to protect the innocent.

Excerpts from an email thread that my department was copied on:

Customer writes:

Our Tupelo, MS division uses Mozilla. We understand that the latest version of [] does support Mozilla – but the last time we checked [] did not have the most currect version of [], therefore, you could not support Mozilla. Can we get an updated status on what version you have presently and if you do support Mozilla? Please let us know.

Sales rep forwards the email to Software. Software engineer replies with:

We would like to upgrade our [], but the latest version does not support the language capabilities needed by other customers. We are waiting to hear from [] as to when there will be language support and I do not believe we have been given a timeline.

Sales rep replies with:

What about [] question regarding Mozilla, is that the language you were talking about?

Turtle Says What?

Trike Horn


“One. Two. Three. Four. The other one.”


“Audrey likes her cow.”

This sentence is interesting to me for so many reasons. First, Elliot used “like” for the first time yesterday.  Granted, he used it in the store pointing at toys telling me which he liked. Secondly, Elliot pays enough attention to his sister that he knows which toys she likes. And lastly, he brought her a toy she liked in exchange for a toy he wanted.  Quite the negotiator that one. Giving somebody something he knows they like for something he wants.  Too bad it works on me too.  He gives me kisses and I give him cookies.

Woo-Woo Button

woowoo button

“This is the woo-woo button, Audrey”

Under Contract

Our house is officially under contract. The buyer accepted our counter-offer this morning.  Yesterday we were at the inspection of our prospect house and a realtor called saying he was driving folks around and they wanted to see our house.  We weren’t having showing yesterday and said so.  He called back approximately two hours later and said that of all the houses his clients had seen, ours was their favorite based on the flier! (I do assume, however, that they pressed their noses to the front window and walked on the green-belt in the back to see the yard.) I ran home, picked up and they viewed the house a little while later.  They put a full price offer in this morning.  But we’re already under contract.

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