What are you doing, Mama?

“What are you doing Mama?”

“Making dinner. What are you doing Elliot?”


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  1. Mike Brown, 6. April 2006, 21:01

    It’s great you’re capturing this cute things your kids say. I did the same thing with our daughter, Hannah.

    Here’s one that came to mind when I read yours.

    November 1998 (age: 2 years, 9 months)
    Saturday morning, Hannah in bed with us. There’s a dog that can be heard barking outside.
    Hannah: What’s that sound?
    Mike: I don’t know. What is that?
    Hannah: I don’t know.
    Mike: Do you hear the dog?
    Hannah: Yeah…
    Mike: What is he doing?
    Hannah: Barking… what’s that other sound?
    Mike: That other sound??
    Hannah: Yeah.
    Mike: [realizing she's referring to a noise coming from the vent] Oh, that’s the heater.
    Hannah: [enlightened] Ohhhhhhh.
    Mike: [thinking he'll teach her something new] Do you know what the heater does?
    Hannah: [excited] Yeah!!!
    Mike: [surprised] You do? What does it do?
    Hannah: [shrugging her shoulders] It makes noise!!